Monday, September 26, 2011

Walgreens 9/26/11

I went to walgreens today, took advantage of sales and coupons before they expire, and got some much needed things.  If I paid full price, I would have spend about $31.00 (I'm rounding to make it easy).  I only spent $8.00.  Here's how I did it:

  1.  Two Old Spice items, deoderant and swagger body wash (my boyfriend uses this brand, I may save this and give it to him as one of many Christmas presents this year, wrapped up nicely in a gift box set thingy).   The Old Spice retails at $5.99 each.  They were on sale buy one get one 50% off so they rang up:
Old Spice deoderant $5.99
Old Spice body wash 2.74
Coupon (Buy one Get one Free) -5.49 
Coupon ($1.00 off) -1.00  
  TOTAL cost for two Old Spice $2.24

2. Two sets of Fake Eyelashes, I go through these a lot in October, with Halloween parties and my bff's bday! I got a starter kit, for the adhesive and lashes, retails $7.49 and I got another pair that retails $5.49. 
On Sale @walgreens $2.99 each
TOTAL cost for two sets of Fake Eyelashes $6

3. Zarbee's all Natural cough and sleep drink.  This was a money maker!  It retails at $5.99 and you get a $6 coupon to be used the next time you shop at walgreens, so I actually MADE $.01 by picking up this product!

*The Old Spice manufacturers coupons used came in just the regular Sunday paper, in the smart source or red plum inserts.  My advice is save every insert, in my experience: You can use more than one manufacturers coupon per product purchase!  For instance, I used two Old Spice coupons for the same purchase.  A good way to see if they will both be accepted, is check the UPC code numbers on the coupon; if they are different then they should both scan and be used properly.

Good Luck, Shop Smart and Save!